Ohana Power Solution Inc

Switch to Solar and Save!

Switch to solar and take control of your future energy costs today! History shows utility rates double approximately every 10 years. Whether you Purchase your solar system, Lease, or do a Power Purchase Agreement, by switching to clean energy not only are you helping the environment, you are producing your own power and locking in the cost of your electricity for years to come.

How big of a system do I need???

Ohana Power Solution Inc will guide you and help you every step of the way! Provide us with your utility bill(s) and your OPS Energy Consultant will help customize a system size and design.

How Does a Solar System Work?

Sun hits the solar panels. Solar panels absorb the sunlight (direct current/DC). The energy travels to the inverter, and it converts the energy to usable power (alternating current/AC). The usable energy gets directed to the property's main electrical panel, and the main electrical panel distributes the power to the rest of your property. The power that is produced but not used, will be "banked" by your utility company as credits. When there is no sun such as night time, your "banked" credits will be used first from the utility grid.

Let's Do This!! Now what?

Awesome! Congratulations on deciding to go solar! 1. Let's get you qualified with our solar bank (if needed). 2. The installation agreement (which will allow us to pull a solar permit on your behalf) the State solar protection form (if required), and your utility Net Metering Application. 3. Our site audit tech will go out to your home/business if needed, and then one of our engineers will draw up your plan set. 4. Once your plan set is complete, we will submit it to the proper city or county ordinance for approval. Once approved, the city or county will issue us a solar permit for installation. 5. Install day! 6. City or county personnel will inspect the installation. 7. Submit Net Metering Agreement to your utility company. Steps 1-7 can take anywhere from 2 - 8 weeks, depending on your city/county processing timelines.